Matte Brushed Gold Tungsten Carbon Rings Polished Bevel Edge Couple Wedding Band

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Gold Wedding Band
High Polished Interior
Matte Brushed & Bevel Edge Designed
The picture shows the ring width is 8mm
Rings Width:4MM 6MM 8MM 10MM(If you want a width that is not in the options, please contact customer service, we will reply within 12 hours.)
Us Size:5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5/
Note: the character of the inside ring is "Tungsten carbide", which is deleted as default. If you stick to have it engraved on "tungsten carbide" inside of ring, please tell me and email to us when you have ordered.

Yellow gold tungsten wedding band,4mm -14mm yellow gold tungsten ring.Tungsten carbide ring, anniversary band,brushed ring,men & women ring.

Matte Brushed Gold Tungsten Carbon Rings Polished Bevel Edge Couple Wedding Band

Are you clear about the color of your wedding rings but you doubt the metal? This issue makes special sense when it comes to deciding between tungsten ring men or white gold alliances, two options of similar appearance, but with some differences that we reveal below.

Both tungsten ring men and white gold are two noble metals, the most used in jewelry because of its characteristics and much in demand for its hue. If this is to your liking, it is important that you know to start that Customized tungsten is more rare and expensive, which is why there is white gold, obtained with the alloy of yellow gold, silver and palladium - the latter can sometimes be replaced by nickel-.

Tungsten ring men need more hours of work in the workshop. Its elaboration is dilated by the hardness of the material, less flexible and easy to manipulation than gold. This is what makes the final product more expensive, along with other factors such as the rarity of the metal, its density and purity.

If you have more budgets, tell you that tungsten ring men are fashionable and is synonymous with elegance and distinction, as much or more than gold. As a curiosity, to say that it was first used in jewelry at the end of the 19th century

If the price is important to you, if it is really a compelling reason, the white gold alliances are not so different from the previous ones in appearance. Its light gray color hardly differs from that of tungsten ring men, although the latter have a slightly more bluish tone.

.The popularity of wedding tungsten ring men has increased in recent years and this is due to a number of reasons. The first reason is that platinum is a very valuable metal and its value will never be reduced.

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