6MM Multifaceted Polished Silver Tungsten Carbide Rings Men Women Wedding Band

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Suitable For Men and Women
Can Be Lettering
Multifaceted Polished Surface
Excellent Scratch Resistant Performance
The picture shows the ring width is 6mm
Rings Width:4MM 6MM 8MM 10MM (If you want a width that is not in the options,please contact customer service, we will reply within 12 hours.)
Us Size:5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5/
Note: the character of the inside ring is "Tungsten carbide", which is deleted as default. If you stick to have it engraved on "tungsten carbide" inside of ring, please tell me and email to us when you have ordered.

Tungsten carbide rings, multifaceted polished surface,womens & mens tungsten rings are durable enough for casual wear,yet brilliant enough to be a representation of lifetime commitment.Ranging from solid style tungsten carbide rings,to rings with precious metal inlays,5mm to13mm matching wedding band,mens & womens, you will find the tungsten ring or tungsten carbide wedding ring in this section that perfectly represents you for a wedding,engagement,or casual style.

6mm Multifaceted Polished Silver Tungsten Carbide Rings Men Women Wedding Band

Increasingly used in bridal jewelry, tungsten carbide is extremely resistant, especially scratching. The jewels made with this material are very strong and solid like men tungsten rings. This makes them ideal for people with an intense life like men tungsten rings. Like titanium, it can be affected by cleaning elements and, if scratched (rarely can happen), you will need a special restoration in jewelry.

While choosing the original stationery and wedding cards, if you opt for tungsten, we tell you that it is another extremely strong and resistant material to abrasions and scratches. Similar to platinum, men tungsten rings’ density is lower and this flexibility allows you to create jewelry with more diverse designs, such as modern original wedding cakes. For example, with satin finishes or inlays of wood or ceramic, they are beautiful jewels ideal for men.

It is highly valued in jewelry and its white luster and its brightness are very well preserved. It is a durable and resistant material, which means that everyday use does not affect it so much and is considered as a true symbol of eternal love, as is the case with gold alliances.

The men tungsten rings’ designs are very varied. From the classic half-round alliances in yellow gold, such as those used by our grandmothers with their simple wedding dresses, the flat ones in white gold or the almond-shaped ones in pink gold, to the modern designs of combined, bicolor or tricolor metals. These have matte or glossy finishes, trims or gutters, even inlays of other materials.

They have left to think about the engraving, like the date of the link and the name of the couple or a short phrase, like that of the original souvenirs. Jewelry stores offer a variety of alliance models, in specific men tungsten rings. Investigating on types of metals may take some time and the decision must be very accurate, such as the wedding dress, shoes and hairdo collected with braids.

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