8MM Gold-plated Silver Beveled Edge Men Brushed Tungsten Wedding Band Rings

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Gold Tungsten Wedding Band
Silver Beveled Edge Polished
The picture shows the ring width is 8mm
Rings Width:4MM 6MM 8MM 10MM(If you want a width that is not in the options, please contact customer service, we will reply within 12 hours.)
Us Size:5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5/
Note: the character of the inside ring is "Tungsten carbide", which is deleted as default. If you stick to have it engraved on "tungsten carbide" inside of ring, please tell me and email to us when you have ordered.

Stylish and contemporary,this brushed gold and silver beveled edge polished wedding ring is available in 8mm or other sise mm  options.Simply select what sise (8 or 9 mm) along with your ring.Need this ring in a larger size.Brushed whitegold andpolished yellow gold edged wedding ring if you are not sure of your ring size please let us know and we will help you get the correct ring size.

8mm Gold-plated Silver Beveled Edge Men Brushed Tungsten Wedding Band Rings

Tungsten is a light gray metal, low density and high hardness. In its pure state, it has a high resistance to corrosion and the highest hardness-density ratio of all metal elements. It is also resistant to wear and deformation from bumps and scratches. It is not magnetic and has good heat and electricity transfer properties.

Why its use in jewelry such as rings and men tungsten rings?

Because of its lightness, rigidity, antiallergic qualities, low cost and ability to transform itself into modern and attractive colors, the use of men tungsten rings has been growing rapidly in jewelry design.

By applying electrolysis techniques, men tungsten rings can be transformed into various colors ranging from shades of red to violet. Therefore this property allows its application in the design of various types of jewelry and garments, such as rings and alliances and thus obtains a wide range of colors.

Why buy rings and alliances with men tungsten rings?

Because tungsten is a light metal, high hardness and very resistant to wear and deformation by bumps and scratches. It also has hypoallergenic properties. For this reason the rings and alliances, in addition to other men tungsten rings are ideal for people allergic to metals, they are also comfortable and easy to carry.

One of the materials that represent the most advantages because it is very difficult to scratch. With this metal and depending on the treatment given, you could have a range of colors from yellow to black and still play with a litmus effect. The disadvantage is that because of how difficult it is to find it in our nation and the effort required to work it for its hardness, it can have really high costs. Although to represent an indestructible union, it would be worth it.

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