8MM Mens Tungsten Carbide Rings Gold Plated Grooves Wedding Band

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18K Gold-Plated
High Polished Finish
3 Grooves Designed
The picture shows the ring width is 8mm
Rings Width:4MM 6MM 8MM 10MM(If you want a width that is not in the options, please contact customer service, we will reply within 12 hours.)
Us Size:5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5/
Note: the character of the inside ring is "Tungsten carbide", which is deleted as default. If you stick to have it engraved on "tungsten carbide" inside of ring, please tell me and email to us when you have ordered.
The 18k gold plated ring comes in 8mm width and comfort fit yet classy look.This is one of a grooved version of our classic wedding ring.This classic comfort-fit grooved wedding band now comes in tungsten carbide.Having 3 groove designs is one of the highlights,Similar to our other rings,our Tungsten bands are permanently polished and the craftsmanship is simply unparalleled!

8mm Mens Tungsten Carbide Rings 18k Gold Plated Grooves Wedding Band

Wedding rings (commonly called alliances) are a very important purchase, it is something for a lifetime and they are also a considerable disbursement, so it is best to have all the information about them and that when you look and / or Buy your alliances do not raise doubts beyond whether you like one or the other. We have prepared a very complete guide in which you will find all the necessary information to buy wedding rings, and you will also find some interesting facts.

Types of wedding rings materials

Although it is true that today you could ask to manufacture your wedding rings in almost any material (there are tastes for everything), the most normal materials used by alliance manufacturers are; mainly gold, in its different colors, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, there is also gray and peach gold, in addition to gold, the alliances are made of platinum, silver, tungsten and if you want you can also buy alliances in titanium wedding.

First we will talk about gold, we all know that the more carats the better, right? But why? ...

24k gold is "pure gold" or also called "fine gold", and as its name implies it is pure and not mixed with other metals, but it cannot be used for jewelry since it is too soft.

On the other hand, Customized tungsten rings, like gold is manufactured with an alloy, but in this case most of it is Tungsten ring for men, Tungsten ring for men have 95% tungsten and the rest is completed with an alloy.

If we talk about silver alliances, they are like gold and Tungsten ring for men, these rings are made with an alloy, 92.5% is silver and the rest alloy, with the difference that silver takes a fine / pure silver bath to give it that characteristic white color.


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