Mens 8MM Tungsten Carbide Rings Cross Laser Gold Wedding Bands

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Flat Tungsten Carbide Ring
Cross Laser Pattern
The picture shows the ring width is 8mm
Rings Width:4MM 6MM 8MM 10MM(If you want a width that is not in the options, please contact customer service, we will reply within 12 hours.)
Us Size:5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5/
Note: the character of the inside ring is "Tungsten carbide", which is deleted as default. If you stick to have it engraved on "tungsten carbide" inside of ring, please tell me and email to us when you have ordered.

The enduring finish of this yellow gold plated flat tungsten carbide and cross laser pattern ring will last as long as your commitment to each other and is perfect for weddings or anniversaries.Tungsten carbide is the only rare and exotic metal that is permanently polished and is the most wear resistant ring available on the planet.

Mens 8mm Tungsten Carbide Rings Cross Laser Gold Wedding Bands

One of the newest trends in wedding rings is women tungsten rings. Now, you probably read or hear "tungsten" and have no idea what I am talking about. A tungsten wedding ring doesn't break like crystal jewelry. In fact, its indestructible feature is what makes women tungsten rings so popular. But are these alliances for you? Continue reading…

What is a women tungsten ring for wedding? Women tungsten rings are made of a combination of zirconium and pure tungsten powder materials, which are then heated to more than 600 degrees, turning them into a molten liquid. This liquid is shaped, cut, cooled, and then polished to give rise to the ring. Women tungsten rings are harder than titanium, and almost always as tough as gold alliances.

This is great news for those unfortunates who have allergies to contact with metals. A women tungsten rings will shine in your coming years in the same way it has done just put it on your finger.

The good thing about women tungsten rings is this type of rings never loses color. While other colorful or treated wedding rings may become more opaque and lose color, women tungsten rings will not. Women tungsten rings are especially significant for those who want a black ring.

 The color of women tungsten rings is solidly contained throughout the entire ring. The final touch of color is not an industrial layer of black or white, covering a metal of different color, as in some titanium rings. Those with active lifestyles, jobs, or hobbies can rest assured that women tungsten rings are virtually impossible to scratch

Apart from the usual black or white, there is a wide variety of additional contemporary colors to choose from, including pink and blue.

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