8MM Mens Tungsten Ring Black Carbon Fiber Inlay Silver Beveled Edge

Made from bright gray metal unusual wedding tungsten rings are always popular options for men. Strength, durability and comfort of metal make it an excellent choice for active couples who want a distinctive style to symbolize their relationship.

What is tungsten?

Tungsten is a pure element that can be forged from incredibly strong and resistant alloy, which usually includes (hard metal alloys) of carbon, and then in combination with nickel to create impressive rings. While pure tungsten is still subject to scratches and other damage similar to other metals, tungsten carbide is four times harder than titanium and almost ten times harder than eighteen karat gold, which makes the hardest metal used for jewelry commercial.

This makes Grooved Tungsten bands men particularly desirable for those involved in physical activities that can scratch, nick, or damage softer metals. Due to the strength of tungsten, enamel is often considered permanent and will not disappear even after many years. The vast majority of available Grooved Tungsten bands men are designed for men, so the styles are generally heavier and wider than traditional women's wedding rings. This does not mean that tungsten rings should be clear, however. Tungsten styles may include:

-              Inlaid precious metals of silver, platinum or Mokume Gane for contrasting colors and vivid accents.

-              Grooves or symmetrical bevels to create models or sculptures throughout the group.

-              Different levels of enamel for a very reflective, semi-gloss or matt.

-              Insert diamonds or gems to add shine, usually in protected wire or bevel environments.

-              Rounded, square or ridged edges for a simple but sophisticated model.

-              Different alloy proportions to create a color ring anywhere from dark to light gray.

-              With such a variety of models available, it is easy to find the perfect tungsten ring for any boyfriend-to-be.

As with all jewelry, consumers should be aware of possible problems with their purchase. When investigating tungsten wedding bands, couples should keep in mind that pure tungsten is not as strong as alloys, and nickel is the preferred metal to combine with tungsten carbide because of its strength. Cobalt is sometimes used as well, but it can bind with oils in the skin and cause permanent tarnish in the ring.

Due to the strength of tungsten rings, they are more fragile than other metals and are likely to chip or fracture rather than double, deforming when exposed to percussion strokes. On the other hand, because scratch-resistant tungsten cannot be recorded effectively if a couple has considered this type of customization. Grooved Tungsten bands men cannot be resized by conventional means, and if resizing or other repairs are needed, the ring is usually returned to the original dealership.

Most jewelers do not usually offer tungsten rings, and the best place to find a wide selection is through online merchants. Before completing a purchase, however, the couple must investigate the company's reputation through customer testimonials, published customer service policies, and the Better Business Bureau.

The price range for Grooved Tungsten band men is very variable, from a minimum of $ 200 for a simple band of more than $ 2,000 for a detailed band with insert diamonds. Online retailers often offer sales, however, so couples should take the time to compare prices if they need to see their budget.