Couples Tungsten Rings Mirror Polished Angular Smooth 24K Gold Plated

Young people today are increasingly turning to products of interesting and rare materials, such as tungsten carbide also known as Widia. Today it has become a real competition and alternative for gold, silver and even platinum for weddings and marriages.

Why is the mysterious fusion of carbon and tungsten so attractive? One of the main and indisputable advantages of this material is its hardness. Tungsten cannot be folded, it is not scratched, and it is not damaged even under the most severe conditions of use. This metal does not lose its pristine splendor and always remains as attractive as the day of purchase.

The whole secret lies in the fact that tungsten carbide alloy is not found; they simply will not find it because it does not exist in nature, and it is an element extracted from Tungsten. It is a relatively old element discovered in the 19th century and was used at that time as a filament for the ampoules. Tungsten Carbide is produced by carburizing tungsten powders. It is exactly ten times harder than 18 karat gold, five times steel and four times titanium. The only one that exceeds it in hardness is the diamond. In addition, diamond is the only material capable of scratching the surface of tungsten carbide rings.

Are you looking for the perfect tungsten ring for you? Have you seen many comparisons and opinions but have not yet decided between so many options of tungsten rings? Would you like to see images and features that facilitate your choice? Well, you are in the right place.

The Tungsten Rings mirror polished angular smooth 24K gold plated for Men and Women in Polished Gold Tone is one of the types of tungsten rings you can find. Below you will see more details that will help you decide if it is the kind of ring you want to buy. The Tungsten Rings mirror polished angular smooth 24K gold plated for Men and Women in Polished Silver has the following technical data:

Tungsten Rings mirror polished angular smooth 24K gold plated offers the best quality without compromise. We individually inspect each of our products, to make sure you only get the best of us.

-          Perfect gift: it is a great personalized gift for Father's Day, the Godfather of a Wedding, the Groom, the Birthday Boy, Christmas Gift, Valentine's Day, the Graduation Gift for Brother, or for Dad, Grandfather, Son , Husband, Uncle, Friend and for himself.

-          Guaranteed satisfaction: Money back guarantee up to 30 days combined with a world class customer service without questions.

-          Measurement: Width: 6 mm, approximate weight: 10 grams, Material: Tungsten.

-          The permanent polish will never lose its shine.

-          Tungsten compound - Durable Tungsten resists scratches and dirtying.

-          The eternal Polish and a comfortable fit in this wedding band are ideal for active sophisticated businessmen.

-          Designed to last - this classic tungsten ring for men can stand the test of time with its durable and scratch-resistant material.

-          Weight: 45 grams


Tungsten carbide rings does not cause allergies, does not stain the fingers, does not oxidize and does not tarnish, and the solid weight of tungsten rings is very pleasant. The only drawback is that these jewels, rather, tungsten carbide rings cannot be melted or modified in size as with other conventional metals. Therefore, the choice of such products has to be of extreme care.