Women 18K Gold Plating Tungsten Ring Multi Faceted Wedding Bands

Tungsten is a natural element. It is found in rocks and minerals combined with other chemicals, but it is never in the form of pure metal. Elemental tungsten is a white metal to steel gray (depends on purity) that can be used in pure form or mixed with other metals to form alloys. Tungsten alloys tend to be hard and flexible, resist wear and are good conductors of electricity.

Tungsten is used in products such as bulb filaments, parts of X-ray tubes, high-speed tools, welding electrodes, turbine propellers, golf clubs, darts, fishing weights, phonograph needles, gyroscopes and bullets and ammunition to penetrate armor. Tungsten is also used as a catalyst to accelerate chemical reactions, as well as in the production of jewelry such as Celtic Tungsten rings men.

Women 18K Gold Plating Tungsten Ring Multi Faceted Wedding Bands


It has become a popular material in jewelry, in the form of tungsten carbide, mainly because it is a material that has the following advantages: durability, does not lose its shape, does not scratch and maintains permanent shine. Its hardness is 9 - 9.5 on the Mohs scale, so it is only scratched by the diamond, it does not oxidize and is hypoallergenic. Therefore it is marketed as a high strength material.

The only problem in jewelry is that it is a material that cannot be melted in a traditional way and because of its hardness it also needs special machines, it cannot be engraved except by laser. Production requires specialized machinery and knowledge in the management of foundry compounds.

There are small but valuable ornaments that have their origins in ancient cultures or very characteristic of a region. It's about the Celtic Tungsten rings men. Very unique for its structure and design that are highly valued by ring lovers.

Celtic Tungsten rings men have become increasingly the latest fashion among today's couples. The designs of Celtic rings are usually Claddagh style classics, spirals or knots. Many of the couples choose the well-known Celtic Lovers knot as their engagement ring. They like this design since it represents infinity, love and unity, the words that every marriage would like to have.

There are many places where you can know the exact meaning of Celtic Tungsten rings men, which could be one of the reasons why people are attracted to its design. The fact that Celtic engagement rings do not have much documented information about their meaning does not mean that it is not significant for couples. The rings can be customized, giving them our own meaning, choosing from a wide range of rings.

One of the best known styles of Celtic engagement rings is the Claddagh. The Claddagh ring has a special symbolic meaning related to engagement, although many people only see it as a beautiful jewel. Another of the things that couples love in their Celtic engagement rings is the crosses. No matter what the denomination or religion of those people. The interesting thing and the meaning they give it is that it is the love of God that guides their life together.